During the last 20 years, biomedical and biomolecular imaging have played an increasing role as it becomes more and more accurate both in time and space. In particular, neuroimaging has benefited from various advanced techniques and methodologies where applied mathematics have been able to contribute in a very significant way.  The first three workshops will explore neuroimaging along three thematics where mathematics have played a major role: the neuronal and vascular modelisation of the cerebral functional activity, the resolution of inverse problems in non-invasive neuroimaging and the sparse representations of signals.  The fourth workshop will address mathematical problems arising from a revolution in molecular imaging via advanced laser technology: the possibility of Imaging and thus controlling molecular dynamics at spatio-temporal dimensions down into the quantum world of the electron.  This workshop is a continuation of previous CRM workshops on Quantum Control and Highdimension PDE’s, dealing with mathematical issues in describing quantum dynamics.