Colloque des sciences mathématiques du Québec

31 mars 2017 de 16 h 00 à 18 h 00 (heure de Montréal/HNE) Sur place

PDEs on non­-smooth domains

Colloque par Tatiana Toro (University of Washington)

In these lecture we will discuss the relationship between the boundary regularity of the solutions to elliptic second order divergence form partial differential equations and the geometry of the boundary of the domain where they are defined. While in the smooth setting tools from classical PDEs are used to address this question, in the nonsmooth setting techniques from harmonic analysis and geometric measure theory are needed to tackle the problem. The goal is to present an overview of the recent developments in this very active area of research.


UQAM, Pavillon Président­-Kennedy, 201, ave du Président­-Kennedy, salle PK­5115