Applied and Computational Mathematics is a very active area of research with a long tradition, as well as many young faculty members in the greater Montreal area. With modern computing equipment, it has become possible to simulate problems and compute solutions which one was only able to dream of a few decades ago: this has been a tremendous driving force in recent developments in applied and computational mathematics.

The objective of the laboratory is to further encourage scientific exchanges both amongst its members and outside the group. It is characterized by the intensity of its multidisciplinary collaborations, with all the members working on the development of mathematical models and numerical methods for applications to science and engineering. The members of the laboratory work in a wide range of applications (fluids, solids, physics, biology etc.) using a wide variety of tools (optimisation, numerical analysis, dynamical systems, etc), and are very active in both research and training, supervising a large number of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. One characteristic of this laboratory is the sustained collaboration of its members with researchers in other fields: members of the laboratory are also members of RQMP (Regroupement Quebecois des materiaux de pointe), The Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology at McGill, GIREF (Le Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherche en éléments finis), and participate in MITACS sponsored projects. Several members hold positions completely or partly outside mathematics departments. The laboratory organises the annual Montreal Scientific Computing Days each February, as well as other workshops. It has two regular seminars running during the academic year, a weekly applied mathematics seminar and a biweekly computational science and engineering seminar. It also supports postdoctoral fellows and summer students as well as Canadian and international visitors.

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