Quebec Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

January 25, 2013 from 16:00 to 18:00 (Montreal/EST time) On location

Global rigidity in contact topology

Colloquium presented by Sheila Margherita Sandon (CNRS, Nantes and CRM)

Contact topology studies odd-dimensional manifolds endowed with a maximally non-integrable field of hyperplanes. It is commonly considered the odd-dimensional sister of symplectic topology, with which it shares the local flexibility property. Following the work of Eliashberg-Kim-Polterovich and of myself (partly jointly with Vincent Colin) I will discuss some global rigidity phenomena for contact manifolds, that can be seen as contact analogues (but with some specific and still quite mysterious features) of the symplectic non-squeezing theorem by Gromov, of the Arnold conjecture on fixed points of Hamiltonian symplectomorphisms and of the Hofer metric on the Hamiltonian group.


Université de Montréal, Pav. André-Aisenstadt, 2920, chemin de la Tour, ROOM 6214