Quebec Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

February 8, 2008 from 16:00 to 18:00 (Montreal/EST time) On location

Arithmetic partial differential equations

Colloquium presented by Alexandru Buium (University of New Mexico)

We develop an arithmetic analogue of linear partial differential equations in two independent "space-time" variables. The spatial derivative is a Fermat quotient operator, while the time derivative is a usual derivation. This allows us to "flow'' integers or, more generally, points on algebraic groups with coordinates in rings with arithmetic flavor. In particular, we show that elliptic curves have certain canonical "arithmetic flows'' on them that are arithmetic analogues of the convection, heat, and wave equations. The same is true for the additive and the multiplicative group and also for modular curves. This is joint work with Charlotte Hardouin.


UdeM, Pav. André-Aisenstadt, 2920, ch. de la Tour, room 6214