Centre de recherches mathématiques, Annual Report 1995-1996

Part 8



The CRM publishes monographs, lecture notes, proceedings, software, videos, and research reports. (For the latter see below.) It has several collections. The in-house collection Les Publications CRM offers many titles in both English and French. The CRM also has publishing agreements with both the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and Springer-Verlag. Two collections, edited by CRM, are published and distributed by the AMS. They are the CRM Monographs and the CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes. The latter collection will contain the new English translation of D. Knuth's monograph "Mariages stables et leurs relations avec d'autres problèmes combinatoires" (originally published in French in the CRM's own collection). Springer-Verlag publishes the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics. The following list contains books that have appeared during the year 95-96 or that will be published soon.

Les Publications CRM

  • P. Koosis, Leçons sur le théorème de Beurling et Malliavin, fall 1996.
  • D. W. Rand, Concorder, Concordance Software for the Macintosh, Version Three, Software and Manual, fall 1996.
  • X. Fernique, Fonctions aléatoires gaussiennes, vecteurs aléatoires gaussiens, to be published in spring 1997.
  • AMS CRM Monographs

  • J. Milton, Dynamics of Small Neural Populations, vol. 7, 1996.
  • I. Karatzas, Lectures on the Mathematics of Finance, Chaire Aisenstadt 1996-1997, vol. 8, to be published in October 1996.
  • R. Bryant, The Geometry of Differential Equations, Chaire Aisenstadt 1995-1996, to be published in spring 1997.
  • AMS CRM Proceedings & Lecture Notes

  • J. Feldman, R. Froese and L. Rosen (ed.), Mathematical Quantum Theory: Schrödinger Operators, CRM Proc. & Lecture Notes, vol. 8, 1995.
  • D. Levi, L. Vinet and P. Winternitz (ed.), Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations, vol. 9, September 1996.
  • D.E. Knuth, Stable Marriage and its Relation to Other Combinatorial Problems, vol. 10, October 1996.
  • L. Vinet (ed.), Advances in the Mathematical Sciences - CRM's 25 Years, vol. 11, to be published in spring 1997.
  • P. Greiner, V. Ivrii, L. Seco, C. Sulem (eds.), Partial differential equations, June 1995, to be published in spring 1997.
  • Springer-Verlag CRM Series in Mathematical Physics

  • G. Semenoff and L. Vinet (eds.), Particles and Fields, CRM Banff Summer School 1994, to be published in December 96.
  • L. Vinet (ed.), Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Proceedings of the Canadian Association of Physicists Meeting 1995, to be published in spring 1997.

  • Research Reports

  • [CRM-2290] V.Hussin and G.Rideau.
    Quantum fermionic oscillator group from R-matrix method, June 1995.
  • [CRM-2291] O.Hijazi.
    Twistor operators and eigenvalues of the Dirac operator, June 1995.
  • [CRM-2292] A.F. Ivanov and J.Losson.
    Stable rapidly oscillating solutions in delay equations with negative feedback, June 1995.
  • [CRM-2293] K.Ohshika.
    A convergence theorem for Kleinian groups which are free groups, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2294] L.Lapointe and L.Vinet.
    A Rodrigues formula for the Jack polynomials and the Macdonald-Stanley conjectures, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2295] P.W. Doyle and A.M. Grundland.
    Invariant solutions of quasilinear systems of partial differential equations, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2296] Y.Berest.
    Invariant solutions of quasilinear systems of partial differential equations, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2297] V.Spiridonov and A.Zhedanov.
    Symmetry preserving quantization and self-similar potentials, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2298] M.C. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio.
    Differential equations for linear shells: comparison between intrinsic and classical models, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2299] M.C. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio.
    Shape analysis via distance functions II, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2300] Y.Saint-Aubin.
    Conformal invariance of a model of percolation on random lattices, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2301] M.C. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio.
    Bounded total curvature sets, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2302] M.C. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio.
    Curvatures and skeleton in shape optimization, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2303] S.A. Campbell and J.Bélair.
    Hopf bifurcation in a second order differential equation with delayed feedback, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2304] M.C. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio.
    New intrinsic models for shells, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2305] P.Winternitz.
    Subalgebras of Lie algebras and their applications in physics, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2306] A.M. Grundland and L.Lalague.
    Invariant and partially invariant solutions of the equations describing a nonstationary and isentropic flow for an ideal and compressible fluid in (3+1) dimensions, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2307] E.Montini and N.Schlomiuk.
    Fonctions continues et fonctions continues à la Darboux: une approche historique, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2308] D.Sankoff, J.Ehrlich and J.H. Nadeau.
    Synteny conservation and chromosome rearrangements during mammalian evolution, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2309] J.H. Nadeau, V.Ferretti and D.Sankoff.
    Original synteny, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2310] M.Blanchette, T.Kunisawa and D.Sankoff.
    Parametric genome rearrangement, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2311] A.H. Bougourzi and L.Vinet.
    On the relation between vertex operators and qzonal functions, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2312] D.Levi and P.Winternitz.
    Symmetries of discrete dynamical systems, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2313] P.Mathieu and G.Watts.
    Probing integrable perturbations of conformal theories using singular vectors, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2314] G.M. Gandenberger, N.J. MacKay and G.W.T. Watts.
    Twisted algebra Rmatrices and Smatrices for affine toda solitons and their bound states, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2315] A.Bensebah, F.Dubeau and J.Gélinas.
    Numerical integration and Astability of Galerkin methods for ordinary differential equations, Sept. 1995.
  • [CRM-2316] F.H. Clarke, Y.S. Ledyaev and M.L. Radulescu.
    Approximate invariance and differential inclusions in Hilbert spaces, Sept. 1995.
  • [CRM-2317] D.Levi, L.Vinet and P.Winternitz.
    Lie group formalism for difference equations, Sept. 1995.
  • [CRM-2318] R.J. Stern.
    Fixed points and zeros of multifunctions in non-Lipschitzian sets, Sept. 1995.
  • [CRM-2319] G.Yang, M.C. Delfour and M.Fortin.
    Uniformly convergent mixed finite elements for cylindrical shells, Sept. 1995.
  • [CRM-2320] S.Ayari and S.Dubuc.
    La formule de Cauchy sur la longueur d'une courbe, Oct. 1995.
  • [CRM-2321] C.D. Horvarth and M.Lassonde.
    Intersection of sets with nconnected unions, Oct. 1995.
  • [CRM-2322] E.N. Derun, A.A. Kolyshkin and R.Vaillancourt.
    Interaction of phase-shifted fields of two single-turn coils situated above a conducting medium, Oct. 1995.
  • [CRM-2323] M.A. Abdelmalek, X.Leng, J.Patera and P.Winternitz.
    Grading refinements in the contractions of Lie algebras and their invariants, Oct. 1995.
  • [CRM-2324] R.Floreanini, J.LeTourneux and L.Vinet.
    A qdeformed e(4) and continuous qJacobi polynomials, Nov. 1995.
  • [CRM-2325] Y.Berest.
    Lacunae of hyperbolic Riesz' kernel and commutative rings of partial differential operator, Nov. 1995.
  • [CRM-2326] G.Yang, L.C. Dutto and M.Fortin.
    Inexact block Jacobi-Broyden methods for solving nonlinear systems of equations, Dec.. 1995.
  • [CRM-2327] A.A. Izmest'ev, G.S. Pogosyan, A.N. Sissakian and P.Winternitz.
    Contractions of Lie algebras and separation of variables, Dec.. 1995.
  • [CRM-2328] J.-P. Gazeau and V.Spiridonov.
    Toward the discrete wavelets with irrational scaling factor, Dec.. 1995.
  • [CRM-2329] F.Perron.
    On a conjecture of Krishnamoorthy and Gupta, Jan. 1996.
  • [CRM-2330] G.Yang, M.C. Delfour and M.Fortin.
    Error analysis of mixed finite elements for cylindrical shell, Jan. 1996.
  • [CRM-2331] B.Mirandette.
    Problèmes non linéaires pour des systèmes d'équations différentielles avec condition initiale ou périodique, Jan. 1996.
  • [CRM-2332] J.C. Hurtubise.
    Moduli spaces and particle spaces, Jan. 1996.
  • [CRM-2333] J.C. Hurtubise.
    Some algebraic geometry of integrable systems, Jan. 1996.
  • [CRM-2334] M.A. Ayari and V.Hussin.
    Computations of Lie supersymmetries for Grassmann-valued differential equations, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2335] J.-M. Lina.
    Image processing with complex Daubechies wavelets, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2336] G.Yang, M.Fortin and Y.Perreal.
    A finite element method for simulation of the hydrodynamic model of semiconductor devices, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2337] A.Qaddouri, R.Roy, M.Mayrand and B.Goulard.
    Collision probability calculation and multigroup flux solvers using PVM, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2338] M.R. Adams, J.Harnad and J.Hurtubise.
    Darboux coordinates on coadjoint orbits of Lie algebras, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2339] A.A. Kolyshkin and R.Vaillancourt.
    On the stability of convective flow between porous cylinders with radial flow, Feb. 1996.
  • [CRM-2340] I.Julien and J.Bélair.
    Analysis of a system of two coupled neural oscillators, March 1996.
  • [CRM-2341] M.Nagase and R.Vaillancourt.
    On the boundedness of pseudo-differential operators in -spaces, March 1996.
  • [CRM-2342] Y.Y. Berest and I.M. Lutsenko.
    Huygens' principle in Minkowski spaces and soliton solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation, March 1996.
  • [CRM-2343] S.Lafortune.
    Superposition formulas for pseudo-orthogonal matrix Riccati equations and physical applications, March 1996.
  • [CRM-2344] V.Spiridonov and A.Zhedanov.
    Zeros and orthogonality of the Askey-Wilson polynomials for q a root of unity, April 1996.
  • [CRM-2345] L.Lapointe and L.Vinet.
    Creation operators for the Macdonald and Jack polynomials, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2346] R.Ashino, M.Nagase and R.Vaillancourt.
    On a construction of multiwavelets, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2347] E.N. Derun, A.A. Kolyshkin and R.Vaillancourt.
    Analysis of the interaction between the phase-shifted fields of two coils carrying currents and a conducting medium, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2348] M.Gamache, F.Soumis, G.Marquis and J.Desrosiers.
    A column generation approach for large scale aircrew rostering problems, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2349] F.Dubeau and J.Savoie.
    On best error bounds for deficient splines, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2350] F.Dubeau and J.Savoie.
    More on the roots of Euler-Frobenius polynomials, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2351] L.Olien and J.Bélair.
    Bifurcations, stability, and monotonicity properties of a delayed neural network model, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2352] J.-P. Gazeau and J.Patera.
    Tau-wavelets of Haar, August 1995.
  • [CRM-2353] L.Chen, R.V. Moody and J.Patera.
    Non-crystallographic root systems, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2354] S.Grimm.
    On orbit sum values of elements of finite order, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2355] M.C. Delfour, J.Zhao.
    Intrinsic nonlinear models of shells for Saint-Venant-Kirchoff, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2356] A.Sciarrino and P.Winternitz.
    Symmetries and solutions of the vector nonlinear Schrödinger equation, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2357] V.Hussin, A.Lauzon and G.Rideau.
    Oscillator quantum groups from Rmatrix method, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2358] F.H. Clarke, R.J. Stern and Y.S. Ledyaev.
    Complements, approximations, smoothings and invariance properties, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2359] Y.Y. Berest.
    Solution of a restricted Hadamard's problem in Minkowski spaces, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2360] L. Lapointe and L. Vinet.
    A short proof of the integrality of the Macdonald (q,t)-Kostka coefficients, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2361] V. Spiridonov and A. Zhedanov.
    On the origin of contiguous relations for orthogonal polynomials, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2363] S. Kallel.
    Divisor spaces on punctured Riemann surfaces, October 1995.
  • [CRM-2364] S. Kallel and R. J. Milgram.
    The geometry of the space of holomorphic maps from a Riemann surface to a complex projective space, December 1995.
  • [CRM-2365] B. Krauskopf and C. Rousseau.
    Codimension-three unfoldings of reflectionally symmetric planar vector fields, May 1996.
  • [CRM-2366] F. Dumortier, M. El Morsalani, and C. Rousseau.
    Hilbert's 16th problem for quadratic systems and cyclicity of elementary graphics, September 1995.
  • [CRM-2367] P. Mardeiç, L. Moser-Jauslin, and C. Rousseau.
    Darboux linearization and isochronous centres with a rational first integral, October 1995.
  • [CRM-2370] S. Dubois and D. Sankoff.
    Disclosure enumerators and Schegloff's denominators, 1996.
  • [CRM-2388] F. H. Clarke, Yu. Ledyaev, R. Sontag, and A. I. Subbotin.
    Asymptotic controllability implies feedback stabilization, 1996.
  • [CRM-2390] F. H. Clarke.
    Generalized solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation: A survey, 1996.
  • [CRM-2391] A. Luong and L. G. Doray.
    Goodness of fit test statistics for the zeta family, 1996.
  • [CRM-2392] L. G. Doray.
    Constrained forecasting of the number of claims incurred, 1996.
  • [CRM-2393] A. Luong and L. G. Doray.
    Efficient estimators for the good family, 1996.
  • [CRM-2394] L. G. Doray.
    A semi-parametric estimator of the IBNR reserve, 1996.
  • [CRM-2395] J. Mahaffy, J. Bélair, and M. Mackey.
    Hematopoietic model with moving boundary condition and state dependent delay, 1996.
  • [CRM-2396] C. Rustom and J. Bélair.
    Estimation numérique de la vitesse de décroissance des spectres de puissance, 1996.
  • [CRM-2397] E. Shahbazian.
    Feasibility study on sensor data fusion for the CP-140 aircraftfusion architecture analyses, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2398] M. Frigon.
    On a critical point theory for multivalued functionals and applications to partial differential inclusions, 1996.
  • [CRM-2399] M. Frigon.
    On continuation methods for contractive and nonexpansive mappings, 1995.
  • [CRM-2400] T. Hikita and I. G. Rosenberg.
    Completeness for uniformly delayed circuits, a survey, 1995.
  • [CRM-2401] I. G. Rosenberg.
    Wall monoids I, October 1995.
  • [CRM-2402] I. Chajda, G. Czédli, and I. G. Rosenberg.
    Kernels of tolerance relations, 1996.
  • [CRM-2403] G. Pogosyan, M. Miyakawa, A. Nozaki, and I. G. Rosenberg.
    On the number of clique Boolean functions, 1996.
  • [CRM-2404] I. G. Rosenberg.
    Hypergroups induced by paths of a directed graph, 1996.
  • [CRM-2405] I. G. Rosenberg.
    Sur les tolérances d'une algèbre, 1995.
  • [CRM-2406] M. Lemire and S. Lessard.
    On the nonexistence of an optimal migration rate, 1995.
  • [CRM-2408] P. Arminjon and A. Dervieux.
    On the maximum principle for non-oscillatory finite volume or Lagrange-Galerkin schemes, 1996.
  • [CRM-2409] J. Pal and D. Schlomiuk.
    Summing up the dynamics of quadratic polynomial vector fields with a centre, 1996.
  • [CRM-2410] P. J. Farell, B. MacGibbon, and T. J. Tomberlin.
    Empirical Bayes small area estimation of proportions in multistage designs, 1996.
  • [CRM-2411] S. T. Ali and G. A. Goldin.
    Some coherent states of the diffeomorphism group, 1996.
  • [CRM-2412] J. A. Toth.
    Eigenfunction localization in the quantized rigid body, 1996.
  • [CRM-2413] Y. G. Yatracos.
    A small sample optimality property of the MLE, 1996.
  • [CRM-2414] T. Nicoleris and Y. G. Yatracos.
    Rates of convergence of estimates, Kolmogorov entropy and the dimensionality reduction principle, in regression, 1996.
  • [CRM-2415] Y. G. Yatracos.
    Assessing the accuracy of bootstrap samples, 1996.
  • [CRM-2416] Y. G. Yatracos.
    Variance, clustering and identification of high leverage points, 1996.
  • [CRM-2417] D. Dufresne.
    On a property of gamma distributions, 1995.
  • [CRM-2418] D. Dufresne.
    On an identity due to Bourgerol, 1995.
  • [CRM-2419] C. M. Van Vliet and A. Huisso.
    New noise problems in an old form: 'recycling' fluctuation phenomena, July 1995.
  • [CRM-2420] C. M. Van Vliet.
    Responsitivity and noise in illustrative solid-state chemical sensors, June 1995.
  • [CRM-2421] D. Dufresne.
    From compound interest to Asian options, 1996.
  • [CRM-2422] N. S. Altman and Brenda MacGibbon.
    Consistent bandwidth selection for kernel binary regression, 1996.
  • [CRM-2424] J. Patera.
    Non-crystallographic root systems and quasicrystals, 1996.
  • [CRM-2425] S. Grimm and J. Patera.
    Decomposition of tensor products of the fundamental representation of e8, 1996.
  • [CRM-2426] A. Broer.
    Decomposition varieties in semisimple Lie algebras, 1996.
  • [CRM-2427] S. T. Ali, J. A. Brooke, and J.-P. Gazeau.
    A geometric framework for squeezed states, 1996.
  • [CRM-2428] L. Gagnon and F. Drissi-Smaili.
    Speckle reduction of airborne SAR images with symmetric Daubechies wavelets, 1996.
  • [CRM-2429] D. Dufresne.
    On the stochastic equation L(x)=L[b(x+c)] and a property of gamma distributions, 1996.
  • [CRM-2430] C. M. Van Vliet and P. Vasilopoulos.
    Addenda to: Master hierarchy of kinetic equations for binary collisions, 1996
  • [CRM-2431] C. M. Van Vliet and R. Srunivasan.
    Quantum transport and noise in the transition from mesoscopic to ballistic devices, 1996
  • [CRM-2432] C. M. Van Vliet.
    Gigahertz nonequilibrium noise in mesoscopic conductors, 1996
  • [CRM-2433] F. Benamira and C. M. Van Vliet.
    Landauer's multichannel conductance formula: Linear response-theory approach, 1996
  • [CRM-2434] C. M. Van Vliet.
    Quantum transport in solids, 1996
  • [CRM-2435] C. M. Van Vliet.
    Nonequilibrium noise from LF to terahertz range in mesoscopic and ballistic quasi-1D conductors, 1996
  • [CRM-2436] A. H. Marshak and C. M. Van Vliet.
    Semiclassical current explosions for materials with position-dependent band structure in the near equilibrium approximation, 1996

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