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Le projet Accromath [ français ]

Web: http://accromath.uqam.ca/
Email: haedrich.alexandra@uqam.ca

Like most Western countries, we do not train enough high level scientists. Since interest for the sciences generally develops during high school or (in Quebec) cegep, the Institut des sciences mathématiques and the Centre de recherches mathématiques have responded to this challenge by launching Accromath. The goal of this project is to attract more young people to the mathematical sciences, and to stimulate their teachers by offering them lively, relevant, topical material. While math is the motor behind numerous high tech revolutions, it is also one of the richest cultures ever produced by humanity, going back thousands of years. A good mathematical culture is therefore both practical and the sign of a good general culture. Accromath aims to transmit this message and to incite more young people to delve into this fascinating world.

The project has two parts: a magazine produced twice per year and distributed free of charge to all high schools and cegeps in Quebec, and a lively, interactive website (under construction), that will allow students from a young age to understand the spirit of mathematical research and discovery.

Presenting the mathematical sciences in a fresh and innovative light, the project is conceived and produced by an exceptional team of researchers and teachers who all have a great deal of experience in promoting mathematics. The magazine presents a wide diversity of articles on the fascinating world of mathematics, covering topics from the latest breakthroughs and applications, to the history of mathematics, and its links with literature and the arts. The site will allow young readers to learn more about what they have discovered in the magazine, and to put it into practice: to really understand math, you have to do it! The Accromat project is not only a magazine of great quality but a project that integrates a Web site that will become more and more interactive in the future.


Magazine founder and project manager: Alexandra Haedrich

Editor: André Ross

Editorial Board :

Pietro-Luciano Buono
France Caron
Philippe Etchécopar
Christian Genest
Frédéric Gourdeau
Bernard R. Hodgson
Stéphane Laplante
Christiane Rousseau