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Recent publications

CRM Proceedings (in the Contemporary Mathematics series of the AMS)

Advances in Representation Theory of Algebras (ARTA VII), UNAM, Mexico, September 2018. Editors: Ibrahim Assem, Christof Geiss, Sonia Trepode, CONM/761, 2021.

Characters in low-dimensional topology in honour of Steve Boyer, UQAM, Montréal, June 2018. Editors: Stephan Tillmann, Olivier Collin, Stefan Friedl, Cameron Gordon, Liam Watson, CONM/760, 2020

International Conference on Algebra and Related Topics: Part 2: Linear and multilinear algebra, Function spaces and related topics, Rabat, Maroc, July 2018. Editors : J. Mashreghi, A. Bourhim, Z. El Abidine Abdelali, L. Oubbi, CONM/750, 2020

Complex analysis and spectral theory, in celebration of Thomas J. Ransford’s 60th birthday, Université Laval, May 2018. Editors : J. Mashreghi, G. Dales, D. Khavinson, CONM/743, 2020

Analytic Methods in Arithmetic Geometry (Actes de la Arizona Winter School 2016), Éditeurs: Alina Bucur et David Zureick-Brown, CONM/740, 2019

Probabilistic Methods in Geometry, Topology and Spectral Theory. Editor: Dmitry Jakobson, CONM/739, 2019

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CRM Monographs Series (co-published by the AMS)

Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Fractional Regularity Data: The First Order Approach, Alex Amenta and Pascal Auscher, CRMM/37, 2018

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CRM Short Courses (co-published by Springer)

Arithmetic Geometry of Logarithmic Pairs and Hyperbolicity of Moduli Spaces. Hyperbolicity in Montréal, Editor : Marc-Hubert Nicole, 2020.
Quantitative Tamarkin Category, Jun Zhang, 2020

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CRM Series in Mathematical Physics (co-published by the Springer)

Proceedings of the international conference on Quantum Theory and Symmetries, Montreal 2021. Editors: M. Paranjape, M., MacKenzie, R., Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P., Witczak-Krempa, W.

Integrability, Supersymmetry and Coherent States, Editors: S. Kuru, J. Negro, L.M. Nieto, 2019

Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations - Lecture Notes of the Abecederian School of SIDE 12, Montreal 2016. Editors: Levi Decio, Winternitz Pavel, Verge-Rebelo Raphaël, 2018

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Professor Alexandre Girouard girouard@crm.umontreal.ca, Deputy Director scientific activities.

Publications are an important component of the CRM's contribution to the dissemination of research in the mathematical sciences. The CRM has two long-standing series co-published with the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the CRM Monograph Series and the CRM Proceedings (formerly CRM Proceedings and Lectures Notes, recently included in Contemporary Mathematics). Springer publishes and distributes the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics, and a few titles from the CRM were included in its Lecture Notes in Statistics series. Although most of the books issued by the CRM are now to be found in these various series, the CRM also publishes and distributes, in French and in English, through Les Publications du CRM, monographs, proceedings, lecture notes, software and videos. In addition, the CRM occasionally takes part in projects with various publishers, and distributes preprints of the papers written by its researchers.