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Following an agreement with the CRM, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) has been publishing and distributing for more than fifteen years two series edited by the CRM, the CRM Monograph Series and the CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes. Moreover, Springer publishes and distributes the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics, and a few titles from the CRM are included in its Lecture Notes in Statistics series. Although most of the books issued by the CRM are now to be found in these various series, the CRM publishes and distributes, in French and in English, through Les Publications du CRM, monographs, proceedings, lecture notes, softwares and videos. Finally, the CRM occasionally takes part in projects with various publishers, and distributes prepints of the papers written by its researchers.
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Professor Galia Dafni dafni@crm.umontreal.ca, Deputy Director in charge of the Bulletin and Publication Department at CRM.