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The CRM requests that all researchers related to the Centre de recherches mathématiques register their research papers in its research-report database to mirror as accurately as possible the research done at the CRM.

Please e-mail to André Montpetit, the title and author(s) of your research paper. He will assign you a number that you can include in your research paper.

To give public access to your research paper, here are two options:

a) Submit your research paper to one of the archives on the net, e.g., «Mathematics ArXiv». An identification number will then be assigned to you (“article ID”) of the form “math.XX/1234567”. The “arXiv” provides clear instructions for doing this at the page « Front to the Mathematics ArXiv ».
Send an email with the “article ID” to André Montpetit ho will place a link to it on our preprint page.

b) Send the files to André Montpetit who will produce a copy that will be directly available on our preprint page.

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Professor Galia Dafni dafni@crm.umontreal.ca, Deputy Director in charge of the Bulletin and Publication Department at CRM.