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Board of Directors
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Board of Directors [ français ]

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The Board of Directors is composed of:

• The Director (ex officio);

• A member of the Executive Committee nominated by the Board for a two-year mandate;

• Two regular members nominated by the Assembly for three-year mandates, normally renewable once;

• A director of a laboratory, nominated by the Committee of Directors of Laboratories, for a two-year mandate, normally renewable once;

• The president of the International Scientific Advisory committee:

• Of a postdoctoral member;

• Of the Vice-principals, Research, of six partner universities of the CRM;

• Of additional members nominated by the Board of Directors, with or without the right of vote, from any sector judged pertinent: businesses, industry, major Canadian or foreign research institutions, and public sector.

The Board members are presently: Christian Agbobli, Vincent Aimez, Frédéric Bouchard, Benoit Boulet, Olivier Collin, Octav Cornea, Serge Desnoyers, Marie-Josée Hébert, Michael Lau, Dusa McDuff, Dominique Michaud, Franco Saliola.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the promotion of the CRM’s interests. It assures the scientific, human and material development of the Centre and of its financing and decides on the governance and development projects of the Centre. More specifically, the Board:

• Approves the general objectives of the CRM, its strategic plan and scientific program;

• Approves the annual budget and financial statements prepared by the Executive Committee;

• Adopts the annual report submitted by the Executive Committee;

• Decides on the recognition of the CRM’s Laboratories;

• Receives, recommendations from the Assembly of Members regarding the amendment of the statutes;

• Adopts any amendment to the statutes by a two-thirds majority, and with the agreement of each of the principal partner universities and after consulting the Assembly of Members;

• Nominates the regular and associate members of the CRM on the recommendation of the executive Committee;

• Nominates the Director of the Centre after establishing a Nominating Committee composed of a majority of well-established researchers. The International Scientific Advisory Committee and the Committee of Directors of Laboratories are consulted in the selection of the member of the Nominating Committee. The Director of CRM does not participate in the deliberations of any committee dealing with the nominating process.

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