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Partenariat du CRM avec le PNSDC

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CRM and NICDS partnership [français]

The National Institute on Complex Data Structure (NICDS)

This initiative was developed in partnership with the three mathematical sciences institutes and the reallocations committee during the recently completed reallocations exercise at NSERC. The program was funded by NSERC for four years for a total of $687,000. An additional $200,000 has been committed to the program by the institutes.

The National Institute was conceived as a model for a national network in the statistical sciences, in partnership with the mathematics institutes. The broad goal of the proposal is to foster nationally coordinated projects with substantial interactions with the large community of scientists involved in analysis of complex data sets, and to establish a framework for national networking of research activities in the statistical community.

The original proposal targeted the development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of data obtained from complex survey sample designs and longitudinal biological, epidemiological and medical studies. More specific objectives of the program include the development of collaborations between university and extra-university researchers, and the provision of training for graduate students in important scientific areas through these collaborations.

NICDS Projects

Statistical Methods for Complex Survey Data
Project Leader: Changbao Wu (Waterloo)

Canadian Consortium on Statistical Genomics
Project Leader: Rafal Kustra (Toronto)

Data Mining with Complex Data Structures
Project Leader: Hugh Chipman (Acadia), Antonio
Ciampi (McGill), Theodora Kourti (McMaster), Helmut Kröger (Laval)

Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments for Complex Systems
Project Leader: Derek Bingham (Simon Fraser)

Forests, Fires and Stochastic Modeling
Project Leader: John Braun (Western Ontario),
Charmaine Dean (Simon Fraser), Dave Martell (Toronto)

NICDS Workshops

Analysis of Directional Data with Applications to Biomechanics and Biomedical Imaging
CRM, Montreal, November 25-27, 2009 »»

NPCDS/MITACS Spring School on Statistical and Machine Learning: Topics at the Interface, May 23-27, 2006 »»

Workshop on Forest Fires and Point Processes, (May 24-28, 2005) »»

Workshop on Latent Variable Models and Survey Data for Social Sciences Research, (May 4-6, 2005) »»

Data Mining Methodology and Applications (October 28-30, 2004) »»

Workshop on Missing Data Problems Fields Institute, Toronto, (August 5-6, 2004) »»

NICDS/SAMSI Workshop on the Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments for Complex Systems
Banff, Alberta, (July 13-17, 2004) »»

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