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Committee of Directors of Laboratories
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Committee of Directors of Laboratories [ français ]

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The Committee of Directors of Laboratories is composed of the Director, the Directors of the ten CRM Laboratories and the Deputy Directors of the Centre. It meets at least once a year to discuss any question that concerns the laboratories. The Directors of the laboratories are:

- Steven Boyer (UQAM) — CIRGET - Geometry and Topology
- François Bergeron (UQAM) — LaCIM - Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science
- Christian Genest (McGill) — Statistics
- Frédéric Guichard (McGill) — CAMBAM
- Henri Darmon (McGill) — CICMA - Number Theory, etc.
- André Fortin (Laval) — GIREF - Modeling and Numerical Simulation
- John Harnad (Concordia) — Mathematical Physics
- Dmitri Jakobson (McGill) — Mathematical Analysis
- Jean-Marc Lina (ÉTS) — PhysNum - Imaging
- Erik Look (McGill) — CAMBAM
- Adam Oberman (McGill)— Applied Mathematics
- Lea Popovic (Concordia) — Probability
- Jean-François Renaud (UQÀM) — QUANTACT

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