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Instructions to Authors - Springer
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Instructions to Authors - CRM Springer series [ français ]
If you are an author of a book to appear in the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics, you can obtain the style and other instructions directly from Springer.

If you can not use the proper style files of Springer, please make it simple and do not redefine existing commands. Pay more attention to the structure of the text than to its presentation which may change.

Please keep the following points in mind when preparing your files:

• Proofread your paper thoroughly and carefully.
• Style files contain commands to identify all the important features of mathematical papers and monographs; use them, not commands you define yourself.
• Do not redefine any plain TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, or AMS-LaTeX command.
• Put definitions for frequently occurring phrases or mathematical expressions together in the preamble section, before the start of the text of the manuscript. Once a macro is created for an expression, you should use it for every occurrence of that expression.
• Use TeX coding for special fonts (e.g., boldface or italic) only within the text of the manuscript; do not use such coding for any headings or predefined environments, e.g., theorems, etc.
• The use of commands like \vskip, \smallskip, \medskip, \bigskip, \parskip, \vglue, \hglue, \kern, \break, \eject, \hfil, \vfil, \hfill, \newline, \clearpage, \cleardoublepage, \newpage, or \vfill in your source files is discouraged, since their use may cause problems at a later stage of the publishing process.
• While \break and \\ may be used to solve problems with "Overfull hboxes", it is best to fix the problem with \-.
• Please do not begin paragraphs with displayed equations. That will cause the spacing to be inconsistent.

To send your files

• Send your files by e-mail to André Montpetit
• In any case, it is preferable that you also send a hardcopy of your text.

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